Ready to join the financial revolution?


Want to discover the platform and let skilled traders work for you? This page will explain everything, step by step. No worries if you still have questions, just send them to or chat with me by clicking the box in the lower right corner!





Step 1. Open a free account with the broker.

Simply click the button below, select “I am a trader” or “I am an investor” and go through the procedure.



Step 2. Discover the platform.

Not sure to put your real money to work from day 1? Smart. You can choose to assign demo cash to discover how everything works. If you are ready to jump, simply transfer money from your bank account to your wallet.


Step 3. Find the right DARWIN and build a portfolio .

Darwins all have their own unique, 3-digit, code. You can simply play around with the filters, go to the community page and discuss with other investors. Or just find your Darwin of choice in the search bar (try TSB for example). If you like a Darwin, simply click the buy button and allocate capital!


Step 4. …done, see how your capital works for you!

You are now part of a growing community of succesfull traders and investors. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get the latest info about Darwinex and my strategy. Now you just have sit down and see the magic happening. You can choose to sell a DARWIN back anytime you want. However, don’t sell too soon. DARWIN’s may have a bigger return over a longer timeframe.