The Robin FX trading strategy has come a long way. It took a lot of reading, studying and trial & error to be where it is now.

The story begins around 2009, when a young trader was looking for opportunities to invest his money. Caused by the financial crisis, interest rates hit an absolute bottom so yield had to be found somewhere else than a simple savings account. With a background in economics, he took his first steps in the stock and currency market. Being aware of the fact risk plays a major role he is aware of the dangers of using leverage. However, he realizes there is one kind of leverage that has no disadvantages: investor leverage.

In 2012 Darwinex (Tradeslide at that time) luckily crossed his path and in 2014 Darwin TSB finally was available for investors around the world. At all time, the trend following strategy is being reviewed and updated. The focus clearly is on the longer term, where it is argued that it has the potential to beat many other assets in terms of risk and return. Inherently to the nature and core characteristics of the strategy there may be times (days, weeks, months or even years) where the strategy may underperform other assets classes and Darwins. At other times, for instance during great panics, it may outperform. Those investors who stay the course probably have an edge over those who follow the herd.

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